Star Symphony

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Star Symphony is an innovative rhythm game that offers unique features such as engaging stories, competitive game modes, powerful spell systems, and strategic gameplay to give players a competitive edge. RPG-like mechanisms such as Health & Mana Points, and attributes including Strength, Intelligence, Vitality, Luck, Agility, and Elemental Strength, will undoubtedly ensure that each match against a new opponent is a completely distinct experience.

With its diverse range of campaigns, music, and modes, Star Symphony caters to different gaming preferences and interests, appealing to not only casual and competitive gamers but also anime and music enthusiasts worldwide. The game also introduces a groundbreaking 5v5 multiplayer mode to the rhythm game genre, tailor-made for E-Sports, where players can collaborate to outsmart and outperform the other team with strategic spellcasting, precise timing of spells, and much more.

Another key highlight of the game is its blockchain-based gaming ecosystem, which enables players to have complete ownership and control over their assets, participate in peer-to-peer trading, collect rare digital assets within the game, and earn digital tokens to enhance their progress in the game. Players could collect rare outfits, equipments, decorations, and other unique items to generate a personalized gameplay experience.

Genres Music Game, Multiplayer online battle arena, Adventure game
Platforms PC, iOS / Android / Mobile
Release Date 2024/12/31
Developers Isekai Studio
Publishers Isekai Studio
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