Void Crew

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In Void Crew, humanity unites under the banner of survival in the face of a mysterious threat known as the Hollow. As one of the chosen ones, you and up to three others must venture into the void and restore order to the galaxy as a team of fearless mavericks. Take on the challenge of navigating the most advanced spacecraft ever built and embark on thrilling missions into the depths of space, with unexpected obstacles such as asteroid storms, solar flares, hostile aliens, and human scavengers lurking around every corner.

Pilot the ship, operate the turrets, perform repairs, recharge the power cells, and utilize space station weaponry to fabricate munitions and exit the ship on extravehicular missions such as patching the ship hull or scavenging derelict wrecks. Working together as a team is essential, so choose a role and coordinate tasks with your crew ... or try to do everything at once and rely on your own resourcefulness to make it through.

Genres Multiplayer cooperative game, First person, Action adventure game
Platforms PC
Release Date 2023/09/07
Developers Hutlihut Games
Publishers Focus Entertainment
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