Arc System Works celebrates 35th anniversary with the launch of special commemoration website!

Arc System Works celebrates 35th anniversary with the launch of special commemoration website!

Today (May 12) is the 35th anniversary of the founding of Arc System Works. A special website is launched by the company to commemorate the occassion. On the other hand, the official website for the Arc World Tour 2023 esports tournament has also been made public, along with information on the preliminaries starting from June of this year.

  • Arc System Works 35th anniversary special website revealed!

The commemoration website is expected to release CEO Minoru Kidooka's message of gratitude and a review of the company's history from its founding to its 35th anniversary this year, as well as various other content such as staff messages and player surveys.

  • The preliminaries of Arc World Tour 2023 will kick off in June!

Celebrating its 35th anniversary this year, Arc World Tour 2023 is expected to begin with bigger-than-ever preliminary matches in June 2023. Information about the initial preliminaries, such as Headstomper (to be held in Sweden), Battle Arena Melbourne (to be held in Australia), and ARCREVO Japan 2023 (to be held in Japan), has also been released.

The major changes in this year's Arc World Tour 2023 compared to last year include an increase in the number of preliminary matches; the awarding of final qualification based on the points earned during the tour and the winners in the preliminary matches; and the increase in the number of final contestants to 16. More detailed information can be found on the official Arc World Tour 2023 website.


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