Phantom Blade Zero officially unveiled for PS5 and PC

Phantom Blade Zero officially unveiled for PS5 and PC

In 2021, we reported that S-GAME, the developer behind Rainblood and Phantom Blade, was working on an action RPG game, one of which was the game developed using UE5, titled Phantom Blade Zero. After more than a year, this game was finally showcased at Sony's PlayStation Showcase 2023, with the gameplay trailer revealing various in-game combat scenes. However, no release date has been announced yet, although it is confirmed to be launching for PlayStation 5 and PC.

According to previous introduction, Phantom Blade Zero is the sequel of Phantom Blade that incorporates the foundation of the stories of Rainblood and Rainblood 2, while introducing a wealth of new content. In terms of combat, it will inherit the unique skill chain design of the Phantom Blade series in a 3D format, delivering fast-paced battles and actions reminiscent of martial arts films.

Phantom Blade Zero takes place in the captivating world of Phantom World, a universe where various powers coexist. Within this semi open-world action RPG, players will encounter a unique blend of Chinese Kungfu, steampunk-inspired intricate machinery, occult arts, and other fascinating elements that defy categorization.

As the protagonist, known as Soul, you assume the role of an elite assassin who serves an enigmatic and influential organization called "The Order." Framed for the murder of The Order's leader and severely wounded during the ensuing manhunt, Soul's life was saved by a mystical healer, albeit with a temporary cure that will last only 66 days. Racing against the clock, Soul must uncover the mastermind behind the conspiracy before time runs out, battling formidable enemies and unimaginable creatures along the way.


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