The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today unveils second PV, set for July 7 premiere

The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today unveils second PV, set for July 7 premiere

The Japanese manga created by Hitsuji Yamada, titled The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today, has recently released its second trailer, officially announcing that the TV anime adaptation will begin airing on July 7, 2023. The announcement also included the unveiling of additional voice cast members.

The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today tells the story of Saku Fukuzawa, an elite office worker who excels at everything at work but have zero life skills. One snowy day, Saku took in stray black cat and namesd it Yukichi. While observing the life of Saku, Yukichi slowly starts to believe that she is in greater need of care from others. As a result, Yukichi starts to learn human knowledge such as cleaning skills, cooking techniques, and becomes a versatile cat capable of handling household chores, all to take care of his owner who couldn't get her act together.

  • Original by: Hitsuji Yamada
  • Directed by: Susumu Kudou & Katsumasa Yokomine
  • Script by: Tamazo Yanagi
  • Characters designed by: Takayuki Uchida
  • Studio: GoHands

  • CAST
  • Yukichi: Hiroki Yasumoto
  • Saku Fukuzawa: Yui Ishikawa
  • Yuri Shibasaki: Ai Kakuma
  • Kaoru Orizuka: Katsuyuki Konishi
  • Rio Nishina: M·A·O
  • Shop Manager: Miyu Irino
  • Yume: Ayana Taketatsu
  • Yume's Mother: Yoko Hikasa
  • Yume's Grandmother: Tamie Kubota
  • Saku's Mother: Satomi Sato
  • Saku's Father: Jun Fukuyama
  • Oshiro: Aoi Inase
  • Mei: Kotoe Taichi


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