Alone in the Dark remake slated for October 25 release, prologue demo now available

Alone in the Dark remake slated for October 25 release, prologue demo now available

During the recent livestream event Alone in the Dark Spotlight, THQ Nordic & Pieces Interactive not only provided information about the upcoming remake of Alone in the Dark but also announced the official release date. The game is set to be released on October 25 this year for Playstation 5 / Xbox Series / PC. Additionally, a playable demo of the prologue is available starting from today.

Offen referred to as the "first 3D survival horror game", Alone in the Dark was originally released in 1992 and developed by the French game company Infogrames. In the following years, sequels such as Alone in the Dark 2 and Alone in the Dark 3 were also released. Set in the 1920s in the southern United States, the game starts with the mysterious disappearance of Emily Hartwood's uncle. As a result, she embarks on a journey to Derceto Manor with private detective Edward Carnby to uncover the conspiracy behind this enigmatic place and find her missing relative. However, during this process, they will encounter strange residents, nightmarish environments, and dangerous monsters ...


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