Mirror 2: Project Z Renamed Novastella Island, Plans to Launch in January 2023!

Mirror 2: Project Z Renamed Novastella Island, Plans to Launch in January 2023!

KAGAMI II WORKs, the developer of the Match-3 adult game "MIRROR", launched a new game "Mirror 2: Project X" earlier this year, but it was criticized by players for not having any adult content. And another work "Mirror 2: Project Z" has also been delayed.

Until recently, it was officially announced that "Mirror 2: Project Z" was renamed Novastella Island, and the name of the studio became Nova Studio, and it was planned to launch on January 17, 2023.

About the game:

You've accidentally traveled to another universe and landed on an island. The landscape is magnificent, and the resources here are so vast. You want to find a way back but have to put in a lot of work. Get the stuff you need, build the tools, catch some fish, cut the trees, and mine the ground. Just don't forget to enjoy your you life on this exotic island. Make some friends while you are here - the local species, the Lilles are very friendly and will help you build your house and decorate it here.


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