Marvel's Spider-Man 2 reveals 12-minute gameplay trailer

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 reveals 12-minute gameplay trailer

During today's PlayStation Showcase 2023, Insomniac Games treated the audience to an extensive 12-minute gameplay demonstration of Marvel's Spider-Man 2, the sequel to Marvel's Spider-Man, showcasing the game's actual in-game footage and gameplay. The game is currently set to be released in fall 2023.

In the gameplay demonstration revealed today, we witnessed the debut of the villainous hunter, Kraven, who is relentlessly pursuing Dr Connors, the Lizard. The series of events unfold at the Doctor's residence across the East River in Queens, as the protagonist Peter Parker steps in to thwart the operation of Kraven's subordinates. Peter then confronts the new faction of enemies before being joined in the battle by the other protagonist, Miles Morales.

As the story unfolds, players will switch between Peter Parker and Miles Morales during gameplay. Additionally, in this iteration, Peter Parker is introduced wearing the Symbiote suit, granting him enhanced combat abilities. However, due to the suit's side effects, subtle hints of a more aggressive personality can be sensed in the concluding dialogue. Apart from these developments, both Spider-Man characters have acquired new equipment, gadgets, and skills that aid in exploration, flying, stealth, and combat.


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