Remake of romantic visual novel ONE. set for December 22 release

Remake of romantic visual novel ONE. set for December 22 release

Back in July last year, publisher Nexton announced a 30th-anniversary project, revealing the remake of the classic romance visual novel ONE. It was recently confirmed that the game is scheduled for release on December 22 this year, available on both PC (Steam) and Switch. The game, developed by Novamicus and features original artwork by Itaru Hinoue, will support Chinese and English subtitles.

As the faithful remake of ONE., the development team aims not only to recreate the original story, plot, and characters, but also to further improve the game system, ensuring that it can evoke nostalgic memories for returning players, while also attracting new fans to experience the game.

The story of ONE. takes place in the winter of 1998, where the protagonist, a student, secludes himself in the Eternal World, a world within his mind that slowly engulfs his daily life like falling snow. However, one day he awakens to the realization that some things in life have never changed. Familiar sceneries, familiar people and objects, are filled with joys he had never noticed before. It is the presence of these things that keeps him connected to this world. From that moment on, the protagonist embarks on a quest to connect with the people who are important to him and that strong bond he seeks. As time passes, slowly transitioning to the radiant season, who will be holding his hand? And in what kind of world will he find himself?


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