4Chan leaked Playstation's 2023 plan, and many classic IPs may be revived on PS5

4Chan leaked Playstation's 2023 plan, and many classic IPs may be revived on PS5

Recently on Reddit & 4Chan, someone leaked Playstation’s plans for 2023, but the sources of these rumors do not seem to be very credible. It mentioned that a number of PS games that have been released will be released on the PC platform this year, and some classic IP series will be released. Revive on PS5 platform. Full leak:

  • PC ports planned for the next 12 months include Last of Us 2, Ghost of Tsushima (DC), Demon's Souls, Horizon Forbidden West.
  • NaughtyDog will reveal a PS5 port of Last of Us 2, a new Uncharted game that is both a sequel to U4 and a soft reboot to the series that they are offering support development of with the primary devs being Malaysia and Visual Arts studio, the release of the Last of Us multiplayer game for Summer/Fall 2023, and a new IP set in an open world fantasy game.
  • The only IPs getting revived on PS5 are Killzone (VR) after release of Call of the Mountain, Motorstorm, Ape Escape (developer unknown), and PS AllStars Battle Royale
  • PlayStation Showcase coming in June, State of Plays in February/March and May.
  • Sucker Punch is working on a new IP.
  • Reveals for Bend, Pixelopus and Asobi's projects
  • Media Molecule is making a Dreams sequel, which is an expanded version of Dreams on PS5 with VR2 support
  • Several GaaS titles will get a full reveal (Firewall, Deviation, London, Guerrilla, ND, and Arrowhead)
  • New PS2 emulator and an official PS3 emulator.

The above leaks are indeed very exciting, but since they are just rumors, please don’t take them seriously. Please wait for the official announcement for accurate information.


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