Marvelous unveils Project Life is RPG, led by director of God Eater 3

Marvelous unveils Project Life is RPG, led by director of God Eater 3

During the Marvelous Game Showcase 2023 held earlier today, in addition to announcing new information about their existing series, the publisher also unveiled several new project plans. Among them is Project Magia, a new work featuring characters designed by popular manga artist Hiro Mashima, and another project titled Project Life is RPG led by game director Ittetsu Suzuki, known for his work on God Eater 3. It is understood that Project Life is RPG will be a completely new RPG game, but details regarding the platforms and release date are still unknown and will be revealed at a later date.

According to official introduction, this project aims to pay tribute to influential RPG games developed in Japan over the years. Game director Ittetsu Suzuki, along with the development team, has shared some inspirations and hopes to create an original work that will be loved by all RPG players, with the theme of the game revolving around the concept of life. The team is also putting great effort into capturing the sense of anticipation that comes with every epic adventure in the classic RPGs.


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