Vtuber Nyatasha Nyanners will not renew contract with VShojo

Vtuber Nyatasha Nyanners will not renew contract with VShojo

Nyatasha Nyanners, a foreign Vtuber with over 1.45 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.01 million on Twitch, recently announced on Twitter that she will not be renewing her contract with VShojo and will continue her activities as an independent creator. The agency also released a statement at the same time, expressing their support for Nyanners' decision and thanking her for her contributions and dedication.

Nyatasha Nyanners began her career as an online content creator in 2011, and in 2020, she became a Vtuber featuring the Live2D avatar of a pink cat girl, joining VShojo later that year. According to Nyanners' announcement, she will maintain her current approach to content creation as an independent creator and will continue to use her own IP and avatar. She expressed her gratitude towards VShojo for the opportunities they provided and hopes that her fans will continue to support her in the future.


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