Elden Ring’s first anniversary event announced, sparks speculation of DLC unveiling

Elden Ring’s first anniversary event announced, sparks speculation of DLC unveiling

Publisher of the game Bandai Namco has revealed plans to commemorate Elden Ring’s first anniversary.

On February 25, events including live shows, contests, prize giveaways, cosplay, PvP, and more will be held at Red Bull Gaming Sphere in Stockholm, Sweden. Those who could not participate in person can join online via live stream on Twitch.

However, the possible announcement of a new DLC seems to be the centre of attention, as seen in the comments under Bandai Namco Nordic’s twitter post.

About a week earlier, Reddit user SonOfHashut spotted an update in the “playtest” Steam branch made by FromSoftware. “Branching” is a practice often used by developers in order to facilitate works being done on different features of a single large project. Although not a guarantee, fans speculate that FromSoftware will quite possibly be announcing a new DLC for Elden Ring, with the Colosseum patch dropped soon after the last time the play-test branch got updated, as mentioned by Reddit user danielasiag.

Regarding possible new content, fans are speculating about the implementation of the much-coveted ray-tracing system, and the rumoured boss-rush mode.

Another thing worth mentioning is that FromSoftware’s official Instagram was also updated recently after almost one year of inactivity.

Coincidence? I hope not.

Image source: fromsoftware_jp


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