Upcoming March 2023 Games: Fight demons in the Three Kingdoms era, Kill zombies in a Spanish village!

Upcoming March 2023 Games: Fight demons in the Three Kingdoms era, Kill zombies in a Spanish village!

After completing your studies in Hogwarts and saving the world from rampaging robots, the exciting month of February has come to an end. What kind of adventures await us in March? The GAMICSOFT team has compiled a list of upcoming games that are worth trying out!

  • Scars Above — Playstation 4 / Playstation 5 / Xbox Series / Xbox One / Steam (March 1, 2023)

First up on the list is the third-person sci-fi shooter game Scars Above developed by Mad Head Games. In this challenging and mysterious alien world, what kind of gratification would it bring by overcoming all the obstacles and achieving success? In this game, we play as Dr. Kate, a member of the SCAR team, who wakes up in a hostile and unfamiliar environment. To survive, we must find other team members and unravel the mysterious puzzle behind the events.

  • Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty — Playstation 4 / Playstation 5 / Xbox Series / Xbox One / Steam (March 3, 2023)

One of the most anticipated games this month is undoubtly Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty developed by Team NINJA, a team under Koei Tecmo. What kind of excitement will this game, created by the producers of Bloodborne and Nioh, bring to us? The story is set in a dark fantasy world of the Three Kingdoms era ravaged by demons. It tells the story of a nameless militia fighting for survival. Players will practice swordsmanship based on Chinese martial arts to fight against various evil creatures and enemy soldiers.

  • Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse — Playstation 4 / Playstation 5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series / PC / Nintendo Switch (March 9, 2023)

"Why do you keep changing the clothes of the female protagonist in a horror game?" Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse is the HD remastered version of the horror game released by Koei Tecmo in 2008, following the remaster of Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water. After several years, this popular installment in the Fatal Frame series will be reproduced in high-definition on various platforms. This game will add new content such as a photo mode and new costumes."

  • Clash: Artifacts of Chaos — Playstation 4 / Playstation 5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series / Steam (March 10, 2023)

The role-playing action adventure game Clash: Artifacts of Chaos developed by ACE Team is about to take you on a dangerous journey to a strange land. In this game, players will assume the role of Pseudo, a martial artist who lives in Zenozoik. When players cross paths with the Boy, a small creature with mysterious powers that caught the attention of Gemini, the Mistress of the Artifacts, you decided to protect the Boy, unaware that powerful forces are involved in the conflicts.

  • Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon — Nintendo Switch (March 17, 2023)

Platinum Games' Bayonetta series spin-off, Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon will be released on March 17. Unlike previous games in the series, this upcoming game is a storybook-styled prequel telling the story of Young Bayonetta (Cereza) and her very first demon Cheshire, as they traversed through the dangerous Avalon Forest to search for the power to save Cereza's mother. In battles and puzzle-solving, players will have to coordinate the duo by controlling Cereza with the Left Joy-Con and Cheshire with the Right Joy-Con. This game promises players a completely new experience in terms of art style, visuals, and gameplay.

  • SD Shin Kamen Rider Rumble — Nintendo Switch / Steam (March 23, 2023 Japan)( April 27, 2023 SEA)

The super cute Kamen Rider game SD Shin Kamen Rider Rumble derived from the movie Shin Kamen Rider, is scheduled to be released in Japan on March 23 and then in Southeast Asia on April 27 for Nintendo Switch / Steam. This game is a side-scrolling action game presented in SD style, where players will fight against the evil organization SHOCKER and engage in a series of battles, challenging different levels and strengthening Kamen Rider through rewards obtained from battles.

  • Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key —— Playstation 4 / Playstation 5 / Nintendo Switch / Steam (March 23, 2023)

The latest installment in the Atelier series, Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key will be released for consoles on March 23, followed by a release for Steam on March 24. The game's story takes place one year after the events of Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy and follows the journey of the grown-up Ryza. The game features improved character expressions and the ability to adventure with up to 11 characters at once, as well as seamless transitions between adventure maps.

  • Resident Evil 4 Remake — Playstation 4 / Playstation 5 / Xbox Series / Steam (March 24, 2023)

As the popular fourth installment in Capcom's Resident Evil series, Resident Evil 4 will certainly not be exempted from the fate of a remake. This upcoming remake not only presents new attack methods for the villagers, but also new firearms and short knife blocking actions. Resident Evil 4 remake takes place six years after the events of Resident Evil 2, where the T-virus, a biological weapon developed by the Umbrella Corporation, caused a major biohazard. As a recognition to his abilities, survivor of the Raccoon City Destruction Incident Leon S. Kennedy was promoted to a federal agent under direct Presidential oversight. Sent on a mission to rescue Ashley Graham, daughter of the President of the United States, from a Spanish village dominated by a violent cult, he embarks on a perilous adventure filled with uncertainties.

  • The Last of Us Part I — Steam / Epic Games Store (March 28, 2023)

Originally scheduled to be released on March 3 for PC, The Last of Us Part I has been delayed and PC players will have to wait until March 28. The Last of Us Part I is a comprehensive improvement over the original game, incorporating modern gameplays, optimized controls, enhanced immersion, and improved exploration and combat mechanisms. As a result, players can experience Joel and Ellie's story and meet other engaging characters through a more immersive gameplay. In addition, The Last of Us Part I also includes the content of prequel The Last of Us: Left Behind and other new game modes.

  • Rune Factory 3 Special — Nintendo Switch (March 30, 2023)

"After this battle, I will return to my hometown to farm and marry," are often the last words of many warriors, but not in Rune Factory 3: Special Edition. This game, published by MARVELOUS, is the remastered version of Rune Factory 3 and offers players the experience of ranch life, romance, adventure, and more. The game tells the story of the amnesiac half-monster protagonist who tries to reconcile the relationship between the human settlement and the Univir settlement after discovering his true identity in order to prevent the world’s destruction. This remastered version will feature the all-new "Newlywed" mode, which are stories that could be unlocked after marriage to each of the game’s 11 bachelorettes, fully-voiced picture stories, and “Hell” difficulty which will pose a challenge even to veteran players.


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