Xbox-exclusive shooter CrossfireX to shut down on May 18

Xbox-exclusive shooter CrossfireX to shut down on May 18

It's just the second month of 2023 and we've seen several games shutted down already.

After almost a year of operation, Crossfire X will end service on May 18, 2023. Launched on February 10, 2022, the game would have been online for just 15 months when it shuts down.

Reason behind the retirement of the game is that the developers feel that the game is "ultimately not where it needed to be", despite various content updates and fixes.

Crossfire X, a first-person shooter co-developed by Remedy and Smilegate, is the third title in the Crossfire series. Its overall gameplay is similar to CS: GO, where two opposing teams compete in game modes to complete objectives. Classic mode comprises of the staple bomb-and-defuse gameplay, while Spectre mode is a variation of Classic mode where players are only equipped with knives but will stay invisible when not moving. In addition, Modern mode sees the two teams fighting over control of objectives points on the map.


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