NetEase's AI-powered MMORPG Justice Online coming to mobile on June 30

NetEase's AI-powered MMORPG Justice Online coming to mobile on June 30

During the recent NetEase Connect 2023, it was officially announced that Justice Mobile, the mobile version of Justice Online, will debut in China on June 30.

Justice Mobile reportedly took four years and an investment of 800 million RMB to develop. The game abandons the traditional MMO concepts of excessive grinding and microtransactions, with the aim to revolutionize the genre's gameplay ecosystem and "make MMOs great again".

In this game, players have the freedom to explore the world and engage in martial arts adventures according to their own playstyle, without the usual repetitive daily or weekly tasks. Additionally, the game will introduce a seasonal system, where character equipment can only be obtained through battles, while martial arts skills can be acquired through sparring, training, and encounters. Through exploration and discovery in this immersive world, players can freely develop their own combat styles.

Not only that, Justice Mobile will support ray-tracing technology, offering visuals that are almost on par with PC games. It also includes dynamic physics systems, weather systems, cutting-edge motion capture, advanced hair simulation algorithms, and more. One notable highlight is the introduction of an AI engine for NPCs, allowing players to engage in more realistic interactions with them.

Of course, the familiar gameplay elements of MMO games, such as dungeons, PvP battlegrounds, life skills, and housing systems, are still present. In addition to these, the game will also incorporate other popular gameplay elements, such as courtroom drama inspired by Ace Attorney, the butterfly effect from Detroit: Become Human, and side-scrolling fighting reminiscent of King of Fighters. With over 100 hours of single-player experience alone, the game also supports solo dungeon runs, making it playable as a standalone open-world RPG game.


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