The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom gameplay demo features Link's new abilities and Hyrule's highly interactive open-world

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom gameplay demo features Link's new abilities and Hyrule's highly interactive open-world

Nintendo’s official Youtube channel has revealed a brand-new gameplay demo for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, in which Mr. Aonuma presents the game’s enormous and highly interactive open-world of Hyrule, along with some new and updated abilities of Link.

In the latest gameplay demo, Mr. Aonuma showcases Tears of the Kingdom's vast world which has changed in many ways compared to the first game, providing players with an enjoyable exploration experience. The world expands not just horizontally, but also vertically into the skies, where players can access sky islands using Link's "Recall" ability. This allows players to rewind an object's movement and ride rocks that have fallen from the sky back into the skies.

The demo also highlights Link’s ability to “Fuse” different objects into new items, such as fusing an elemental material to an arrow to unleash a ranged elemental attack, or combining a rock and a branch into a makeshift hammer. Although the branch itself could be used as a weapon, it would not be as durable as the custom-made hammer, and would easily break after a single fight.

In the previous games, players usually get powerful weapons by defeating strong enemies, but in Tears of the Kingdom, fusing even the weakest weapon with something else could turn it into a useful weapon. Therefore, it is encouraged that players experiment with all kinds of materials and “Fuse” the ideal weapon according to their playstyle. Interestingly, some enemies in the game also carry customized weapons with unknown properties, adding an element of surprise to combat encounters which makes battles more unpredictable.

Another new ability includes "Ultrahand," which allows players to attach and detach objects in various ways. This allows players to create rafts using multiple wooden logs that can be attached in different shapes and angles. Fans can also be attached to propel the raft forward. Mr. Aonuma confirmed that players can use "Ultrahand" to craft their own vehicles, as seen in previous trailers. Additionally, Link also has the "Ascend" ability, which enables him to easily reach the top of buildings by passing through ceilings. 

If Tears of the Kingdom is described as a "canvas”, then players must be the artists who are about to unleash their creativity upon the highly interactive environment of Hyrule, each crafting their own unique adventure.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will launch on May 12 for Nintendo Switch, at the price of $69.99.


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