Apex Legends season 17 "Arsenal" gameplay trailer unveiled

Apex Legends season 17 "Arsenal" gameplay trailer unveiled

Arguably one of the seasons with the most severe audio issues, such as missing footsteps and silenced bullets, Apex Legends' season 16 will finally come to a conclusion, with season 17 Arsenal set to launch on May 9, 2023. The official gameplay trailer for the upcoming season has been revealed, showcasing the cool new abilities of the new legend, Ballistic, and scenes of the heavily revamped map World's Edge.

In addition, the season 17 will introduce a new survival item called the Evac Tower, which can be used to summon a zipline for quick skydiving rotation. Players who like to warm up in the firing range before playing will also be pleased to know that the range has been redesigned from scratch, with more features for players to play around with.


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