Street Fighter 6 Showcase reveals new details on the game, PS4/PS5 demo now live

Street Fighter 6 Showcase reveals new details on the game, PS4/PS5 demo now live

In today's Street Fighter 6 Showcase hosted by Capcom, the latest information on the game's World Tour, Battle Hub, and Fighting Ground modes was presented. The officials also announced the game's roadmap after its release on June 2, 2023 — new characters will be introduced every year, with Rashid, A.K.I., Ed, and Gouki being the Year 1 characters, who will be debuted in succession. Rashid is scheduled to appear in the summer of 2023, A.K.I. in the fall of 2023, Ed in the winter of the same year, and Gouki in the spring of 2024.

In addition, the game will launch a demo version for Playstation 4 / Playstation 5 starting today, and for Xbox Series / Steam on April 26, 2023. The characters created by players in the demo can be transferred to the full game of the same platform.

Street Fighter 6 is the latest entry in the Street Fighter series developed by Capcom. The game adopts designs that are different from previous works, combining street graffiti with elements of realism. Also, while retaining the series' staple gameplay and modes, it adds more novel content, such as real-time commentary, Fighting Ground mode, Battle Hub mode, World Tour mode, and other features that would be user-friendly to new players and fans alike.


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