NRG sweetdreams climbed to Apex Predator with 0 kill and 0 damage in the new Ranked season

NRG sweetdreams climbed to Apex Predator with 0 kill and 0 damage in the new Ranked season

On May 10, Respawn Entertainment's Apex Legends officially welcomed its 17th season, Arsenal, which not only redesigned the Firing Range, but also made significant changes to the Ranked system, switching from the previous "Ranked Point" system to the "Ladder Point" system.

This change has made many players excited while also leaving them slightly worried, as all veteran players know that every major reform of Apex Legends tends to introduce new issues, such as players quitting due to the significant changes made to the Ranked system in Season 13.

This season's ranked mode encourages players to survive, putting more focus on the team's ranking when the match concludes, rather than kill count. As long as players survive in the game within the top 11, they will earn "Ladder Points". The Entry Fee that used to be deducted as the ranking gets higher has also become fixed per game.

Interestingly, sweetdreams from NA's well-known competive Apex team NRG had already climbed to Apex Predator within two days of the launch of the new season. This wouldn't have been so surprising in the past, however, what players have been talking about is that sweet demonstrated an exaggerated record of reaching Apex Predator without a single kill or damage in 50 ranked matches. In these 50 matches, he simply ratted his way to Apex Predator, winning 5 of them and placing in the top 5 for the other 45 matches, even reaching as high as rank 152 in just one night.

Although his gameplay statistics might be borderline absurd, some players expressed their support towards the new Ranked system, saying that Battle Royale games are originally about who can survive to the end, and that each player has their own playstyle. Others think that Respawn should change back the mechanism of deducting Entry Fees based on player rank, because otherwise, everyone will be "ratting" for rank and the game will become extremely boring, making the Ranked system meaningless.


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