Realistic tactical shooter Unrecord reveals official early gameplay trailer!

Realistic tactical shooter Unrecord reveals official early gameplay trailer!

French indie developer Alexandre Spindler previously teased a tactical shooter game on his own Twitter. The game is played from the unique "Body Cam" perspective. Its realistic graphics and camera movements, coupled with the use of Unreal Engine 5, made fans wonder if it was actually live-action footage.

Recently, Spindler established a studio called Drama and named the game Unrecord, releasing a new trailer to showcase the gameplay mechanics. To emphasize the game's realism, there is no UI interface, only a display of the remaining bullets when reloading and the communication interface required to complete the mission. Additionally, the game introduces an original aiming system with realistic ADS and unrestricted hand movements, leaving little room for error. If the player dies, they will have to restart and rethink their tactical strategy.

Unrecord is a tactical first-person shooter game with innovative gameplay mechanics where players assume the role of a special forces police officer investigating complex cases. The gameplay is presented through the protagonist's body cam, providing an immersive and narrative-driven experience. Players must navigate through complex choices, ethical dilemmas and dangerous situations with their strategic planning and deduction skills.


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